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Taking a Stand for My Vagina

Taking a Stand for My Vagina

I’ll tell you about a time when a girl got her first period.

She was eight.

She hadn’t had sex-ed let alone her first kiss

She didn’t know the words menstruation, ovulation, or masturbate.

The doctor said, “Abnormal, yes, you’re fine just keep an eye out”

An eye out for what?

She didn’t know

An eye out for the stares from her classmates

As she brought a purse to the bathroom

“What’s in it?  Why do you have it? We need to know.”

Age ten.

Sex-ed reveals the dirty secret: periods.

“Don’t be ashamed everybody gets them,”

Said the female teacher to the girls.

The boys were in another room entirely

Talking about what?

She didn’t know, perhaps their own puberty mayhem.

Age fourteen.

Another dirty secret: rape.

Her best friend had met this tragic fate.

“This doesn’t make sense,”

She thought when she looked up the rate:

An American is sexually assaulted every few seconds…

How many?


Age 21.

Another dirty not-so-secret: the 45th President.

“I moved on her like a bitch,”

He said.

“Grab ‘em by the pussy.  You can do anything.”

Who’s her, you ask?

A pussy is who.

Entering vaginas needs no

Marriage ring or even consent to a fling.

To our President

Pussies are just for violating and grabbing.

January 21, 2017.

The Women’s March,

Or perhaps the largest protest in US History

That we’ve ever seen.

We demanded our rights and proclaimed our principles

Stated inequalities that need to be shifted

Where no differences should be between.

Despite the march’s cathartic release

There resulted anger and opposition

Not just peace.

The sea of pink Pussy hats demanded attention

And a divide among the protest

Our communication needs to increase.

Yes this girl I spoke of is me.

I am a white, cis heterosexual

Who fights against racism, sexism, and transmisogyny.

I know that being cis doesn’t

Give me an extra life degree

Allow me to feel superior

Or give me rights to be a bully.

Because everyone should be equal

Every shape, color, size, orientation, gender,

Every single kind of body.

I would be a liar, however, if I did not say

That I support the pussy hats

And I support every individual who wants their symbol

Their feminist symbol

To be a vagina.

McKenna and Kessler’s book,

Founding psychological gender theories,

Tells us that “Gender attribution is, for the most part, genital attribution;

And genital attribution is essentially penis attribution.”

Over one third of participants chose to remove a penis

To make a man a woman

Leaving no genitals as a solution.

These participants added a penis

In the place of a vagina

To make a woman a man.

I guess women don’t need anything to be a woman.

But men need the substitution, a penis, to be a man.

No, I don’t support the binary system

Genitals shouldn’t define our gender

But for me,

My vagina makes me a woman,

Makes me proud, feminine, bold, and tender.

So don’t say my pussy hat excludes you

Because I am still a feisty transgender defender.

Just know my psych major and US leader

Ask me to cling to my womanhood for me with my vagina

As it is what makes me me, and a “her.”

Letters to Me

Letters to Me