Talking Health + Wellness with Leah Goldglantz

Leah Goldglantz is a Florida-based heath and wellness blogger. She lives with her husband and daughter and shares her passion for eating real, healthy food online ( and on Instagram (@leahsplate). For all things related to healthy meals, good workouts, balanced lifestyle, and quality nutrition check her platforms out!


1. Who are you? What's your story? 

My name is Leah Goldglantz and I'm a health and wellness blogger that focuses on eating clean food and creating recipes that are simple to follow and don't take too much time to make. The name of my blog is Leah's Plate and my Instagram is @leahsplate . I share all of my recipes on my blog and my Instagram focuses on my day-to-day meals. I began my blog in 2015 because healthy eating was such a passion of mine that I felt the need to share my meals with others to help inspire everyone to live a healthier and happier life. I wasn't always living this type of lifestyle and realize how much it's changed my mind and body for the better.


2. What do you wish more people knew about your health and wellness journey? 

I used to struggle with being consistent. I used to jump from fad diet to fad diet and never felt good about myself. I was always on a diet and that's no way to live. Now I just eat clean, real food and don't restrict anything from my diet. It was't easy to get to this place, but I'm so much happier now! 


3. We realize that your daughter, Emma, is very young, but have you started to instill the importance of healthy eating within her?  

Yes, I most definitely have. since the day she began eating solid foods I prepared all of her food myself - no pre-packaged baby food filled with preservatives. I used to puree all of her food using fresh, organic fruits and vegetables. Now she basically eats whatever I eat and I just rarely offer her unhealthy options, that way her only choice is to eat healthy food. I also make childhood favorites like macaronie and cheese and pizza, but use the healthiest ingredients I can find like grass-fed organic cheese. Of course on occasion (like at a birthday party) I allow her to have a cupcake, because like I said in the second question, I don't believe in not allowing any food. I try to be as realistic as possible and if all the other children are enjoying something of course Emma can have it too so she doesn't feel left out or deprived. 


4. Why did you decide to develop Leah's Plate? Who are you trying to serve? 

I genuinely just wanted to share my love for healthy eating and wellness with the world since it was (and still is) so exciting to me. I am trying to serve a community of anyone who wants to live a healthier lifestyle and I hope to inspire people with meals that they can easily recreate at home that don't seem too difficult or overwhelming.


5. In what ways that aren't often spoken about do you think body image and healthful living intersect?

 I think if you're living a healthy lifestyle and nourishing your body with whole foods your ultimately going to have a more positive body image and feel better about yourself in general.


6. What foods make you feel good, and how do they make you feel good? 

Avocado is packed with healthy fat which definitely improves my skin. Fresh organic berries are an amazing antioxidant and also improve my skin's tone. I consume lots of leafy greens that are packed with vitamins and nutrients which just make me feel good inside. I love kombucha for my gut health.


7. Has working on Leah's Plate impacted your mental health?

 Leah's Plate brings me overall happiness and a sense of accomplishment for creating brand that I see other's get inspired from as well. Knowing I have helped others on their health journey brings me so much happiness.


8. How do you think healthful eating can be accessible to lower income communities? 

Buying in bulk is my biggest tip for saving money. When you buy healthy items in bulk you almost always save money overall. Costco actually has some great healthy products if you take the time to look through the aisles. For fresh product you can save lots of my money by shopping at your local farmers market.


9. What's next for you and for Leah's Plate?

 I'd love to create more healthy toddler-friendly recipes for little ones since I truly believe all children should learn to love healthy food since it lays the groundwork for the rest of their lives :)


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