Queens of Kink : An Interview With Midd Kink

“Are the cold days getting to you? Do you need hot wax poured all over your back to warm your soul? Want to explore and connect with others around kink? BDSM, group sex, voyeurism/exhibitionism, consensual/non-consensual… the possibilities are endless! Email middkink@gmail.com if interested!”

-First flyer created by Rachel and Nicole to advertise Middlebury Kink.

Would this flyer posted around your college campus entice you to join a kink organization? Maybe so. Maybe not. In 2017, three people attended Middlebury Kink's first event.

Kink clubs and organizations are becoming widely accepted on college campuses, because they are reconstructing sex education and revolutionizing inclusive sexuality. For most, however, sex is still a taboo subject. We are highly aware of how sexuality manifests into our daily interactions, but most of us still carry shame and embarrassment about it. For centuries, clubs and groups have been a safe place to gather under similar interest. Creating an inclusive space, harnessing diverse backgrounds of members, under the love for kink is the combination of a kink organization that operates under their mission; “inclusive sexuality”.

Inclusive sexuality is globalizing the right an individual has to enjoy their expression of their sexuality. Inclusive sexuality is a right fought within our sex positive revolution. We are now recognizing that if we want our society to move forward in health we need to be intersectional. The right to be healthy and happy is for everyone. We are progressing in a society that is harnessing major and minor rights for every human.

One of the many kink organizations on college campuses are Middlebury Kink, shorten to Midd Kink.  Rachel and Nicole, the boss women who co-founded Midd Kink, met in an art class at Middlebury College in 2017. Once Nicole witnessed Rachel’s paintings of vibrators and other sexual paraphernalia, the coalescence of their minds was sparked.  They brainstormed ideas such as an erotic movie night, bondage workshops, speed dating, and the sexy posters hung around Middlebury College.

Those posters heated up the hallways and set afire students’ sex drives encouraging more people to join Midd Kink. Because the organization was founded on the pillars of confidentiality and respect, Midd Kink is not displayed on social media. They belong to a rare group of organizations that thrive without the internet. Although Rachel and Nicole are no longer the monarchs of Midd Kink, I recently had the pleasure to interview Rachel.

Rachel defines kink as a “sexual preference”. It can be anything from feet to exhibitionism. It can even be as familiar as aphrodisiacs, porn, literotica (Rachel's favorite), dominance or submission, and much more. Rachel and I joked that our religion ironically fuels our kink and realized our attitudes towards sexuality are filtered through culture, values, upbringing, and experience. Our introduction to sex is also monumental to our sexuality, and however we experienced that will forever impact our approach to it. Rachel is clear that Midd Kink is not a sexual education group; it's an “organization of people sharing pride for kink”.

The inclusive perspective Rachel has on kink subsides all shame, taboo, and embarrassment surrounding sex. Her confidence in her sexuality is where feminists and sexual advocates are leading society. What stuck out about her sexual outlook is how she responds to others’ appetites that are not her own. I brought up a kink that doesn't turn her on and would usually be demeaned in society. Her response was golden: “That isn't my kink, but I am happy it works for someone else.” That sentence embodies our goal for inclusive sexuality within society.

My interview with Rachel has convinced me that I am kinky, that everyone is kinky. Rachel and Nicole want to illuminate their unashamed lust for kink onto society, and hell yes, that is what they did. Sexuality and kink is not only normal, but also fun, healthy, and fluid. Unravel from all the negative opinions, guilt, and shame and explore your sexuality with self-respect, compassion, and pride. There is a spectrum of kinks, just like there is a spectrum of sexual identities; the ability to respect and honor your own desires will flow into how you approach someone else's preferences. Organizations like Midd Kink and Bitter Blush are vital to unraveling society from bigotry, shame, exclusivity, and miseducation. What can you do to make sexuality more inclusive and shameless?