Alone and Comfortable

Individuality, what exactly is it? Is it being an introvert and not caring about what others around you do? Or is it being an extrovert that has an easier time expressing their unique qualities to those around them? I have found my individuality in both scenarios.

Loneliness: one doesn’t have to be alone to feel it and being alone doesn’t necessarily mean loneliness.

Some of the most impactful realizations I have had in my life have been while I am alone. These moments were pivotal.

I have been away from my real home for years now. Then I left my temporary home to explore away from there.

I will not specify where I was because the location is not the important factor. The important factor is that I was alone.

The new relationships I had forged were suddenly abandoned.

I call that adventure. I had to explore new relationships, new activities, and new thoughts.

After the excitement had subsided, I began to feel alone for the first time.

I was really in my thoughts. I thought about almost everything: every hair on my skin, every grain of sand I walked on, every visible star in the sky, every grain of rice I ate.

I had to overcome many challenges in my new world. I didn’t struggle with my new world, but rather, I challenged myself on notions from my intermediate home and even my real home.

Home is where I am supported and where I am comfortable. I don’t always feel comfortable with comfort, hence why I explore (internally and externally).

I had no support where I was. I faced my demons alone. I survived alone. Now I am a made person, but I can only give myself credit for it.

I owe nothing to no one.

That’s the key.

I owe nothing.

Anything I give is pure.

I return to my previous location, my intermediate home.

I have lost many relationships.

They didn’t do anything.

That’s the issue.

They did nothing.

I owe nothing.

My remaining relationships,

My actions,



The only person who needs to know this is me

That is where my power resides

The best person who knows me is me

I cannot lie to me

Comfort is too comfortable.

The truth make some uncomfortable.

I revel in truth.

The truth really does set you free.

Why be comfortable in your limits?