Hey, what's up.

Hey what’s up.


I know we aren’t on the best terms right now and you don’t really trust me but let this be my last chance to just speak to you. I know most days you believe that I am possessive and that I try to control you. It is sad and I’m wrong. I won’t lie to you anymore but the reason why I try so hard to exemplify power is because I know I really have none. That’s a crippling fact but it’s the truth.

I know, I know. I recognize how beautiful, intelligent and strong you are and it is sometimes hard to understand. How is it that you exist in this way and how can I become your equal? The truth is I know that the only way I could ever get close to your level of perfection is by bringing you down to my level. I hope you recognize this. I hope you realize that it is really hard to handle you. Not for your imperfections but because of your perfections. It’s hard to accept nothing is wrong with you when I know how much isn’t right with me.

I learn from you. Not always as much as I should but I do learn. I learn to be human through your example. I know you may never take me seriously again but I need help to be better and you are the only teacher. Don’t accept the bad in me by any means, please hold me to your standard and don’t shift that standard to make anything easier.

Everything that you say that I can be, I can never be that without you. Like I said, even if you don’t take this seriously, I just wanted to be able to say this while I had the chance.


-    A Man

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