Striving For My Personal Happiness

During my few years of high school, I was remarkably independent. Besides eating and sleeping, I studied.

Each night I worked on my AP Language Composition dialectics until midnight. I’d fill up at least five full handwritten pages of annotations and analysis of my assigned readings. I was proud of my achy hands. I would shake off the pain and grip my pencil again.

I had a few close friends at the time but I liked alone time. Plus, I was always incessantly studying. I was set on having a bright future and everything I ever wanted depended on getting the best scores and grades possible. In part, that was true. Love and really any other aspect of my life was my last thought. Looking back, I was really shallow.

At the end of the year when senior girls would cry over their soon to be long distance or no longer high school boyfriends, I would chuckle. It’s high school, I thought. How could someone be so upset about that when they have such an enriching education to look forward to?

I certainly understand now.

I fell in love with my boyfriend like nothing I had experienced before, and nothing that I will experience again. To be corny, he really is my light and he really did change my life.

After a while, I began appreciating the little things: the curve of his back, the furrow of his brows when concentrates, the pout on his lips when he wants a kiss, how excited he gets speaking about his passions. When I realized he understood, hours began to feel like minutes with him.

He is a senior and I am first year college student. Wherever he goes next year, I plan on transferring to be closer to him. And, I know what you’re probably thinking; I have already received some doubtful comments about transferring. But at the end of the day, it is what will make me happiest.

I’m not worried. I’ll get a great education wherever I end up going, and I’ll work hard to earn my degree so that I can have the life that I’ve wanted, with him. Yes, with him. There are many academic institutions in this country, but there’s only one him.

Those girls who wept when they moved away from their boyfriends, I ache for them now. I’m sorry I didn’t understand their pain earlier, and I’m sorry many people will tell them to get over it. That one great school is more important than a great love.

If you have found the person you love, the person you want to spend your life with, don’t stop fighting for it. Make time for them, even when you feel that you have none. Close your laptop and call them for five minutes. Text them! Let them know you care and don’t take your love for granted.